Albertina Museum Wedding In Vienna

Albertina Museum VIENNA, AUSTRIA

Once upon a time, in the magical heart of Vienna, we had the most enchanting wedding shoot ever! Picture this: the breathtaking beauty and charm of Vienna, all wrapped up in one dreamy package. Our theme? “Vienna, the city of my dreams” – and boy, did we make those dreams come true for future wedding couples!

Our fairy-tale setting was the magnificent Albertina Museum. With its luxurious colors and stunning interior, the Albertina’s state rooms and terrace offered views that were jaw-dropping. Fun fact: the Albertina is famous for its collection “From Monet to Picasso.” Yep, we’re talking serious art vibes here. The dream team, led by the fabulous event planner Xuelin Kossegg wanted to sprinkle some Vienna magic dust on your wedding plans and show off our bespoke luxury weddings.

Now, let’s dive into the artsy bits! We were inspired by the legendary paintings “The Water Lily Pond” by Claude Monet and “Venice, the Pink Cloud” by Paul Signac. So, we choose the hydrangea, aka the “pointillist” of the botanical world, as our floral superstar. These delicate petals in soft pinks and blues played the role through the entire wedding design, making everything look like an impressionist masterpiece.

We didn’t stop there: from the colors of the jewelry to the custom-made “water lily” ring boxes. We even threw in blue and white porcelain (Qing Hua Ci) to add an extra dash of elegance and a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures.

Vienna’s charm on its best: the palace, the live harp, historical jewelry, and the Austrian Dirndl (yes, the traditional dress!) gave our wedding an authentic Austrian touch.

This dreamy wedding shoot at the Albertina Museum was a perfect blend of Vienna’s rich cultural history with a pinch of luxury and individuality. For all you lovebirds dreaming of a destination wedding in Vienna, this shoot was a showcase of the city’s beauty and unique character. So, pack your bags and let Vienna be the backdrop of your fairy tale wedding!


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Vienna, city of my dream