Alpacas wedding photo shooting at Alpakahof Mitterdorf


I know it might sound incredible, but I‌ have never seen alpacas before. I mean, not in real life. Of course, I‌ liked and saved a multitude of photos with alpacas on Instagram or Pinterest. But I never saw a real one. Not until I‌ got the opportunity to do a wedding photo shooting at the Alpakahof Mitterdorf, near Graz. The farm, opened in 2016, is run by a lovely family. Everyone on the farm is treating the alpacas like a member of their family. There is so much care for them. And the beautiful animals make this spot a great wedding photography location in Austria.

My first impression?‌ They are such gentle creatures. Timid and sweet. We did not disturb the alpacas - we let them run around us and have their fun. And being extremely curious animals, they would come from time to time close to us so that I‌ could touch them. They are so fluffy and soft like a cloud!!! I cannot believe it.

But we were there on business, so after the initial “ice-breaking“ with the alpacas, we started our wedding photo shooting. The whole session was very natural and full of emotions. On our way there, the sky was full of clouds - and not the soft ones, like alpacas, but the dark and heavy ones. To our luck, when the photo session started, the clouds moved away, and we had a perfect sunset and an idyllic golden light.

I‌ cannot finish this post without mentioning the two Theodores. One is my new friend, a 4-month-old alpaca, brown, with a white face and always full of grass - easy to spot in the photos below. I hope to see him again soon! The other is smaller, fluffier, and sitting quietly in my living room, on the piano - my souvenir of a perfect photo shooting day.