Blush colors wedding photo shooting in Vienna


Why to shoot your love story in February? Sometimes bad weather is not always bad for the photos. Read how grey gloomy day can be the perfect background for tender and soft wedding photography in Vienna.


It was a typical winter day in Vienna. The kind of day when you realize that you don’t remember when you saw the sun the last time. Cloudy, with an undecided rain, cold and grey. The perfect day for staying cozy, at home. That is what you would think at first! But for the photographer this all may look completely different. This was my canvas for the wedding photo shooting of Albina and Seva. 


The architectural style of Vienna makes the city perfect for classy, elegant photography... and on February rainy day - absolutely without tourists!  Albertina, Neue Burg or the Viennese Opera never fail to deliver the perfect background for any photo shooting. Soft winter light, little bit of fog - these places were the perfect choices for our session. To compensate for the grey atmosphere, we chose a subtle color palette for our flowers and decorations, that complimented the theme of our wedding photo shooting. Add here two brave sweethearts that absolutely rocked the cold temperature in their wedding attire, and you will have incredible photos. 


I am so happy for the results. To see that despite the cold, the rain and the wind we have managed to create something beautiful and to save nice memories of this special day in the heart of Austrian capital.

Albina and Seva, you guys were simply amazing, full of joy and happiness, one of those couples that creates the atmosphere of a holiday around them! It was such a pleasure to work with two of you!


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