Christmas Time - Advent Calendar


Do you know that feeling of excitement that leads to opening your Christmas presents? It grows in you with every day of December that brings you closer to the big day. And then it's there, the magical evening. You run under the tree and open everything that has your name on it. You get overwhelmed with emotions and gratefulness for all the gifts and all the people that thought about you. And then the magic starts to fade away. Slowly, slowly. The magical moment has passed. But wouldn't it be nice to have these feelings for a little longer than a day?


For our first holiday season we've spent together as a couple, George introduced me to a new "concept" - the advent calendar. It was a set of 24 postcards, with small notes on why he loved me. And I got to open one on each day of December, starting from 1st and finishing on Christmas Eve. Some days I will wake up and think immediately what new reason he might have found today to love me. Some days I would completely forget about the notes, but find them near my coffee cup while having breakfast together. I loved it. So it became our small tradition.

Over the years we have played around with different topics. And over the years we were consistent with one thing. Chocolate. One small piece to go with our coffee for every morning of December. And after many tries, we have reached something that we would like to keep over the years. We have decided to write each other 24 notes with things that happened in the "year-soon-to-finish" and that we are grateful for. It's such a nice way to remember ourselves all the nice moments we had together over the year. Some times it gets emotional to see how grateful the other person is for such small things they see in us. And since we are currently trying to find a new direction in our life, we have also decided to "spice up" our advent calendar this year. We will also have 24 notes with our wishes for our life together, in the form of "wouldn't be nice if ...".

Being so close to the beginning of December, I hope you find some inspiration in our idea and put in place your version of an advent calendar, in whatever form you want. It is a joy to have something to look for every morning. It makes this month so much more special.