Wine & Wisteria | Part 1- Como, Italy

Location: Como, Italy

- Villa del Balbianello

- Tremezzo 

- Villa Carlotta 

This wonderful villa located in the small city Tremezzo, that deserves own story for sure, but later about Tremezzo. To reach Balbianello, you can choose from two options: take a short boat ride to see villa from the lake (I definately advice this one, at least one way) or walk up hill 20 min. Boat trip last appx. 10 min but the view from there is just breathtaking, check the photos to be sure. :) 

When you reach the villa, be sure to have your photo camera ready, because each and every corner there is just magical!

I definately advice to have a walk in Tremezzo and if you are lucky, you will find that amazing wisteria tunnel, have a cup of great Italian coffee and continue to Villa Carlotta. 

Another beautiful villa with botanical gardens. The most interesting part are these gardens and view to the courtyard from balcony inside. 

This was perfect plan for the day in Como. As a public transportation I strongly recommend ferry, but remember also about buses, sometimes it can be faster and more convenient. Part 2 and part 3 coming soon. :) Hope you enjoyed.