Elegant anniversary photo shooting


"Two Strawberry Margaritas!"

The shooting of Yulia and Oleg just finished and we are having a drink in a nice Mexican restaurant in Kiev. Meeting Yulia means only one thing - that already became tradition no matter where do we meet. Strawberry Margarita. And nachos. I know Yulia for a few years already, but it was the first time we have met her husband, Oleg. Last month they celebrated 13 years of being together. For us it sounds like a long time. For them - another wonderful year that proofs that they are meant to be together. Both of them are great people, full of energy and amazing conversation partners. They've shared with us their love story, that sounds like a romantic movie.

They were in school together, but didn't pay too much attention to each other at first. Later on their roads intersected again and this time things were different. They felt in love, they've got married and I must say that is a “match made on heaven”. And now they have already crossed the one dozen years milestone of their relationship. And I am sure many-many more years to come!

Having an anniversary photo session with them was an absolute pleasure! In photography (like in any other service oriented domain) there is a concept of an ideal client persona. Yulia and Oleg checked all our boxes: great joyful couple, madly in love, beautiful inside and out, open for new ideas and with great attention for details and beauty. Often it takes time for a couple to open up completely in front of the camera. But Yulia and Oleg were like pro models with years of experience. Seriously! They were filling the room with their energy and their laughs. They were both tender and funny, calm and also fooling around! Everything a photographer can dream about. We had so many great shoots and we had so much fun!

My dear Yulia & Oleg, thank you so much for letting us capture your beautiful love story! You are a wonderful couple and amazing people! We wish you many more happy years together! And looking forward to meet you again!

kind words

"She sees people from

their best side, and that is why the photos are so wonderful"

Lily is so positive and easy going! She will tell you very gently how to pose to look the best, make you laugh where needed or help to be more calm for more tender photos. She sees people from their best side, and that is why the photos are so wonderful, specially beautiful. During the photos shooting it is so comfy, warm and homy with her, that the time just flies!

- Yulia & Oleg -