Royal photo shooting in Hotel Imperial, Vienna


We have planned everything. Kate was flying from New York, bringing with her a beautiful gown. It was April in Vienna, so we planned to have a nice outdoor photo shooting, in the blooming parks and the elegant streets of the Austrian capital. We have spent days before her trip preparing every shot. And then it happened. Rain. For the entire period of Kate's stay. Our plan was ruined. Or at least that how we felt at the that moment. 

As a photographer you have to always be prepared with a plan B. And react fast to changes. Sometime the light is not so good as you have expected and sometime the hotel room is so small that it can barely fit you and the bride. No matter the situation, the photographer should keep her calm and come up with a new plan. What is even better is when your client has the same attitude. When they understand the situation and immediately jump on board and start brainstorming with you. That was me and Kate, in the Cafe Imperial in Vienna. Sipping a glass of wine and going through hundreds of Instagram photos, trying to come up with something new. And that's how the idea of a royal themed shooting was born. Kate decided to book a nice room in the Hotel Imperial, that we can use for the photo shooting. We also asked the hotel staff to let us shoot on the hallways and even inside the Royal Suite. She was my dream client!

The shooting day went smooth. Kate looked amazing and she belonged to the surroundings. Her beauty and presence integrated smoothly with the interior and the atmosphere of the hotel. With the paintings of dukes and empresses, with the beautiful marble decor and with the sumptuous chandeliers. We have finished our shooting session in the Royal Suite, which is one of the most luxurious hotel apartments in Vienna. Over the years, it accommodated a wide range of celebrities and head of states, among them Michael Jackson or Queen Elizabeth II. And with a valet boy watching over us the entire time, we made sure we took advantage of every corner of these beautiful rooms.

My dear Kate, I am so happy for meeting you and so thankful that you trusted me to capture your memories in charming Vienna. I love that I am able to serve such wonderful people like you through my photography! And sometimes the universe gives us a present in a form of bad weather so we can create something totally unexpected and beautiful.  


Venue: Hotel Imperial, Vienna

Make up and hair: anna_makeupme

And at the end, my favourite in black and white: