Yulia & Alex – Love Story in Vienna


This was a very spontaneous photo shooting, the result of being in the right place at the right time. And a sign that the Universe works in mysterious ways.

I knew about Yulia and Alex from their Wowbody fitness program, one of Ukraine's best fitness programs, and one of my favorites. They came to Vienna to attend the Ukrainian ball. While strolling the shops, I saw Yulia in one of the dressing rooms, choosing a ball dress. I could not miss the opportunity to get to know her and her husband. And while we started talking, the idea of the photo shooting came up.

It was a cold day in February. We chose for our locations the stairs of the Palace of Justice and the passages at Rathaus. The places are very close and not very crowded with tourists. I have to admit that Yulia and Alex were some of the bravest models I ever had. For more than an hour, in the chilly weather, they listen to everything I asked from them, and we had, in the end, one of my favorites photo series. We finished our time together with some coffee and Viennese strudel, in Cafe Landmann, talking about yoga, traveling, and life abroad.

Sometimes, in life, you meet people with whom you can connect immediately and feel right around them. These were Yulia and Alex. So kind, intelligent, and ambitious, with an amazing sense of humor and interesting, deep personalities. It was a pleasure to meet them!

My dear Yulia and Alex, I am so happy for getting to know you and to capture your memories from Vienna. It was a pleasure to spend time with you and I hope to see you soon in Vienna again!


Rathaus & Palace of Justice, Vienna