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Royal photoshooting in Hotel Imperial in Vienna

We have planned everything. Kate was flying from New York, bringing with her a beautiful gown. It was April in Vienna, so we planned to have a nice outdoor photoshooting, in the blooming parks and the elegant streets of the Austrian capital. We have spent days before her trip preparing every shot. And then it happened. Rain. For the entire period of Kate's stay. Our plan was ruined. Or at least that how we felt at the that moment...

Anniversary photoshooting on ice in Vienna


Oh! The smell of cinnamon and Glühwein in the air, the warmth of mittens, the harsh bite of the winter wind. Christmas time and winter, in general, are very special in Vienna. You can see it, feel it and live it everywhere. But our favourite part of winter in our hometown is going ice-skating. For several weeks, the park in front of the City Hall (Rathaus) becomes a big, charming ice-skate ring. With narrow alleys, decorated with Christmas lights, that make you forget about your worries and bring you to a fairyland...


Liliia Chuba


Hi there! Nice to meet you! I am the girl behind these photos. 
I love dogs and believe that one day the letter from Hogwarts will come :) 

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