Christmas inspired bridal photo shooting in Vienna

At the beginning of last year, I saw some photos of a beautiful Christmas wreath. It was simple and different from the usual Christmas decorations, but somehow it was still relaying the holiday's spirit. And it gave me an idea for a winter wedding photo session I could do right in my beloved city of Vienna. I dreamed about it for almost a year. And then, coming closer to Christmas, I have decided to organize my own small editorial. I have started with a mood board and with getting in contact with different people that could help to make my dream come true. That's how I found an amazing team of talented ladies that made this project a reality.

As a wedding photographer in Vienna, I could not be more happy to have these wonderful vendors to work with. And I already dream about future projects!

It was a very cold Sunday morning. For a few hours, my home looked like the backstage of a fashion show. Dresses were hanging on the bedroom door, while the center of the living room became an improvised makeup studio. Gift boxes were spread all over the floor and you could find styling props in every corner of the house. The smell of fresh coffee and homemade cookies was covering the whole place. You could see and feel the excitement on everyone's face.

We choose to photograph our winter bridal inspiration near Palmenhaus in the heart of Vienna, in the first district. The architecture of the buildings around gives a classical vibe. And the green color of the metallic structure of the Palmenhaus was a perfect match for the style. We have alternated the shooting between Katya and flat lays setups - mainly to allow our model to warm herself up with some hot tea. And the results were beyond our expectations. I am so grateful for our talented team! It was so inspiring and fulfilling to create something with like-minded people. Thank you each and every one of you!

I am also grateful for my husband, who was carrying all the boxes and bags, who was making us coffee in the morning and taking care of all the things during the shooting! And somehow, in between all this, he managed to document in a video the "behind the scenes" for our editorial.