Engagement at Hermes Villa, Vienna

engagement VIENNA, AUSTRIA

Hermesvilla in Vienna is, without a doubt, one of my favorite spots for a photo shoot, and I'm thrilled that Emelyn & Joel felt the same way. It's absolutely perfect: the architecture is unique, the park is beautiful, and there aren't many people around. It's an incredible location for engagement, family, wedding, or elopement photo shoots in Vienna. Although it's a bit secluded from the city, it's definitely worth the extra planning of an extra hour to reach there. Additionally, be prepared for a 20-minute hike since it's situated in the heart of a natural park. Trust me, it's all worth it!

Pro tip: After the photo shoot, don't forget to enjoy a refreshing glass of Aperol Spritz.

kind words

"You are an amazing photographer and a person! You belong to the best of the best! We would book you over again and again!"

- Emelyn & Joel -