An unexpected road trip through the beautiful Brittany


I have to be honest with you. We had no expectations from our road trip in Brittany. If Normandy was filled with places that we couldn't wait to see (Etretat, the D-Day beaches, Mont Saint-Michele), its neighbor on the West was to be a total surprise for us.

And what a great surprise it was. We had days when we felt that we would get face to face with pirates coming out of one of the taverns of St Malo. Other times, it felt like we were back in the Middle Age, strolling on the small streets of Dinan, Lehon, or Locronan. Or visiting Josselin, with one of the most beautiful medieval castles that we ever saw. And why not going even earlier than the Middle Age, back to the prehistoric, walking through the megalithic stones in Carnac.

We had fresh seafood in Camaret-Sur-Mer, and we have enjoyed freshly homemade pancakes for breakfast in one of our stays in Quimper. We have admired the beauty of nature on the rocks of Pen Hir and also enjoyed the unique sculptures from the Valley of Saints.

And we came back to the present days, with a stay in Vannes and meeting some of our friends, for a family photo shooting session.

"Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell."