Top 5 Authentic Photo Locations for Your Destination Wedding in Vienna

Destination wedding in Vienna

the Most authentic photo locations for your destination wedding in Vienna

Are you planning your destination wedding in Vienna? As an experienced wedding photographer in Vienna, I'm excited to share my top 5 favorite photo spots for an iconic Viennese photo shoot in the city center.

Vienna offers numerous private castles and royal locations to celebrate your weddings, and I will cover that in another posts. But for now, let's focus on those spots that scream 'VIENNA' the moment you glance at the photo. Here's a list of my top places for your Bride and Groom portraits in Vienna's city center, perfect for anyone considering a destination wedding in the Austrian capital.




The museum itself is a gorgeous private location for your destination wedding. But near the entrance, there's a particular spot I love: the balcony overlooking the Opera State House. It's most magical at sunset, and during the colder months, there is a sweet spot when the city lights illuminate the building, and you still have a beautiful golden light outside.

Right behind the building, there's a beautiful spot overlooking Hofburg Palace. It is the best place to photograph with this stunning castle roof in the background.

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This is my favorite place for photo shooting in Vienna. What I particularly like about it is that you can get wonderful photos there throughout the day and in almost any weather. It's perfect for a quick portrait session of the bridal couple, especially if you have a full timeline for your destination wedding in Vienna.

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Close to Albertina, there's a beautiful place with iconic green architecture - the old Palmhaus. It's a nice private location for a wedding and a great outdoor spot for your wedding photos in Vienna.

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Justice palace


This is my secret location for very special photos, especially for architecture lovers. Your destination wedding photos in Vienna can reach new heights with this location for your portrait session. Note that it's a government building, so the best times are when it's closed - during the weekends or evenings.

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It's usually bustling, but there is a specific spot here that I find most appealing and truly Viennese! As a bonus, you can even catch a glimpse of Rathaus from some angles.

I love it especially during warm months, when various flowers are in bloom.

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